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Signal Conditioner Model

S 988


  • In- and outputs galvanic isolated
  • 1000 V rms of CMV isolation
  • Customized signal adjustment
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Standardized output signals
  • General
    • In many applications of measuring- and control technique potential seperations are necessary. The constantly growing use of microprocessors entails frequently ground-loops.
      For the elimination of such problems, as well as in the trouble for the protection of this plants a galvanic separation is inevitable. For many applications, particulary with applications with high common-mode voltages there is almost no alternative for the use of isolating signal conditioner.
      The ERMA isolating signal conditioner type of S 988 is developed for the
      It serves
      a) for the galvanic seperation from input- and output signal
      b) for the signal adjustment into a stamped output signal.
  • Input
    • Input Variable: Direct current or direct voltage
      Voltage: 0...30 mV to
      0...300 V
      -Impedance: >100 k to 10 MOhm
      Current: 0...1 mA to
      0...100 mA
      -Voltage drop: max. 150 mV
  • Output
    • Output Variable: Direct current or direct voltage
      Voltage: 0...10 V
      -Load capacity: 10 mA
      Current: 0/4...20 mA
      -Burden: max. 500 Ohm
  • Power Supply
    • 230 V AC isolated
    • optional 115 V AC isolated
    • optional 18-36 V DC isolated
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S 988
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