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Thermostat Model

CO 9000


  • Monitoring of 4 temperatures of
    a sensor
  • Temperature limit-values factory programmable
  • High reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Standard housing for DIN rail mounting
  • General
    • The thermostat CO 9000 is a microprocessor controlled measuring device especially developed for locomotive applications, for instance to control the oil-temperature of a circular course.
      The thermostat is provided with 4 threshold values. The threshold values and the corresponding hysteresis can be programmed according to the specifications of customers.
      The temperature is measured by a sensor of the type Pt100. When running the measured value is monitored. Passing over or falling short of the programmed threshold values will be indicated by a corresponding isolated contact.
  • Measuring Range of RTD
    • -40 °C...+100 °C
  • Temperature Sensor
    • Pt 100
    • Optional Pt 1000
  • Functions
    • Two-wire measurement
    • Measuring current 2 mA
    • Averaging with a digital first order
    • 4 factory programmable limiting values
    • 4 semiconductor relais outputs
    • Threshold- and release temperature factory programmable
  • Power Supply
    • 16,8 .. 31,2 V DC isolated
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CO 9000
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