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Lamp Monitoring Unit Model

LUW 1398/3-S02


  • Monitoring of 3 lamps
  • Solid State Output Relays
  • High reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Standard housing for DIN rail mounting
  • General
    • The unit LUW 1398/3-S02 was developed especially for locomotive applications. Capable of monitoring DC-currents of 3 lamps, the unit LUW 1398/3-S02 provide multiple solid state relay outputs for indicating the area in which a lamp has failed.
      The solid state outputs can be used to drive an audible signaling device, a centrally located computer, or signaling LEDs.
      The unit is measuring the currents which are supplying the lamps. Each measured current is monitored. If one of the 3 currents exceeds the adjusted limit, the internal solid state relay are switched on. For each input channel there are two separate soild state output contacts provided. These contacts are isolated from each other and can be used for different tasks.
  • Function
    • Measure resistance only 40 mOhm
    • Current value is factory specified
    • Over- or underflow of the current value is for each lamp seperated monitoring
    • Switching contacts are protected by
      bi-directional supressor diodes with 33V breakdown voltage
    • Relay current max. 100 mA
  • Power Supply
    • 16,8 .. 31,2 V DC No galvanic isolation !
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LUW 1398/3-S02
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